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Donate To Australia Bushfires – Here’s How You Can Help Them

Donate To Australia Bushfires - Here's How You Can Help Animals (1)

In This Blog: We’ll explain the necessity and different ways to donate to Australia bushfire rescue attempts, burnt animal’s medical needs, etc.

As per, Right now, Australia is burning. The nation is being ravaged by the most devastating bushfire seasons the country has ever seen.

So far, more than 8.5 million hectares of Australian land has been burned. That’s more than the Amazon and Californian fires combined. 

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At least 23 people have died and over 2000 homes lost. WWF is greatly saddened by the loss of life and homes, as well as all the injuries, pain and suffering caused by the bushfires.

NSW has declared a state of emergency and Victoria a state of disaster, and major fires are raging in South Australia, Kangaroo Island and Western Australia.

We’ve seen almost four million hectares already burnt in NSW alone. And while trees burn, our wildlife also suffers.

Charities Where One Can Donate to Australia Bushfire Disaster:


Firefighters are crazily involved in the rescue process and the end for this disaster is no time soon. Here’s a direct link to visit and donate. Click here.

Every single penny donated will be used to help firefighters working on the Australia Bushfire.


Can you imagine the number of animals died??? Half a billion animals are reportedly dead. Many animals are being rescued but the help clearly is still needed. There are many civilians who came forward to help. 

One of the video got viral where baby bear can’t stop hugging the volunteer who helped.

Click here to donate to Red Cross Organisation’s Cause: Australia Disaster.


Celebrity comedian, Celeste Barber created a Facebook fundraiser. One of the most genuine ways to donate for Australian fires. The fundraiser if raised, try searching for another Facebook fundraiser to continue helping. Click here to donate.

The year 2020 didn’t start well for the world. Let’s hope that we can get over the disaster and make this world a better place. #NeverLoseHope #AustraliaBushFire