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Donate Plasma in India – Must Read Myths & Facts

Donate Plasma in India – Must read Myths and Facts

Being at an NGO, we always appeal to people to help others and in today’s scenario, Plasma donation in India is the most talked about topic.

So, let us explore the various Myths and Facts attached to Plasma Donation. As we all know about the COVID – 19 Crisis around the world, people are encouraged to donate Plasma. 

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Does Plasma Donation Help COVID Patients?

As there is no vaccine available for COVID- 19, Plasma Donation from recovered COVID- 19 patients could help in treating the infected persons to some extent. Most of the people are finding it difficult to get Plasma. 

As an initiative to help the infected people the Government Of Delhi has launched the first-ever Plasma Donation Bank in India at ILBS Hospital. 

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has encouraged people who have recovered from Covid-19 to donate Plasma and help others recover too.

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Myths and Facts Related to Plasma Donation:

Myth: There is a widespread myth of Plasma Donation putting you at risk of falling sick, just the same as in the case of Blood Donation. People believe that they may fall sick as their body has lost its mechanism to function normally.

Fact: Scientifically it is proven that Plasma donation doesn’t really make you fall sick. It is just the fact that your body takes some time to restore back the weakness. However, healthy people will not even feel the weakness. 

The Red Blood cells will be reproduced within a week. Eating nutritious food and consuming a lot of fluids before and after the donation will keep you healthy.

Myth: Most people assume that Plasma Donation is a Painful Activity as in the case of Bone Marrow Donation which involves body pains, headache, fatigue.

Fact: No, not at all. Plasma Donation is not a painful activity. It does not involve any pain. It is just a single needle that is injected into a vein of your arm and the entire process is carried out which doesn’t hurt and heels within a day or two.

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Myth: People assume that Plasma from other persons could transmit diseases from the Donor to the receiver. The diseases which the donor has could be transmitted to the receiver if their blood is transferred to others.

Fact: Plasma Donation is a voluntary activity. The volunteers are tested medically at every stage before plasma collection. They will be eligible to donate only if they are fit and healthy. 

Their samples are tested to find if they are infected with Hepatitis, HIV or any other diseases. This ensures that the blood/plasma which is transferred to you is safe. So there is no need to worry.

It’s pretty clear that Plasma donation is safe and everyone can do it. So, we urge everyone to help others as much as possible. 

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About SERUDS Charity Campaign:

We (Seruds NGO) directly donate food and needed items to individuals and their families impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Daily wagers rendered jobless by the current COVID-19 pandemic need our timely support to sustain them. As the crisis grows, the livelihoods of a large number of families in India that survive on daily wages have been affected deeply.