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Join Hands Together To Donate For Odisha Cyclone Fani Relief

Join Hands Together To Donate For Odisha Cyclone Fani

In this blog: Let’s learn where to Donate for Odisha Cyclone Fani relief because the aftermath of the deadly destruction has left many lives upside down.

It’s been quite a few weeks when we heard about Odisha Cyclone Fani. There were many updates regarding the destruction of the mighty cyclone.

The report on destruction by Cyclone Fani is as follows:

  • More than 18,000 villages are totally destroyed leaving behind a pile of destruction.
  • Lives of 16.5 million people are shattered.
  • Millions of trees uprooted leaving an empty land of forest. This made several wildlife animals homeless.
  • Houses that were washed away were a total of 5 lakhs or even more
  • Infant babies and kids got away with the heavy flow of water and close to 1 lakh missing kids are counted so far.

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The report of the destruction of Cyclone Fani in Odisha is making new addition with new updates. Well, the entire nation is in a spine chilled situation and wanting to make a charity & donate for Odisha Cyclone Fani.

Donate to Odisha for Cyclone Fani

Before making any donations, take a look at the charity made to Cyclone Fani:

  • Following today’s news, Corporation Bank donated 3 crores to Odisha for Cyclone Fani.
  • As per a post on Yourstory, a fundraising event is being conducted for everyone to participate and contribute to helping people in Odisha.
  • Several families received electricity with the help of people donations.
  • Food Tech giant Zomato raised huge funds and donated to Odisha in a form of subsidized food. (Food worth 500, was given at Rs 10). (Source)

Well, you can help join build Odisha once again. Find links below to check the authentic sources of platforms to donate to Odisha Cyclone Fani Relief.

Donate via Milaap: Click to Help

Donate to CM relief fund. Click here

Send money to Odisha via Global Giving: Click to donate.