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Donate Old Laptops or Computers to Poor Students in India

Donate Old Laptops or Computers to Poor Students in India

Let’s shed some light on the situation of rural students for whom online classes are now a luxury & how one can donate old laptops or computers to help.

Ever since the lockdown started, one of the major questions raised was education. Students form a major percentage of the spread of the virus among students was the next level devastation. So, when the time came, online classes became the only option.

One one hand teachers are trying to adapt to the new normal and on the other hand, students are coping up with the whole online class scenario due to Coronavirus.

But what about the kids who don’t even have smartphones, attending online classes are not fair for them as they couldn’t afford it. 

We’ve jotted down a few points related to this and let’s explore in the next section:

Donate Old Laptops or Computers Because:

  • India has more than 320 million students and sadly, only half of them have access to the internet. In other words, the percentage of students having access to online classes is even less.
  • A bold statement made by the ‘Sunday Guardian Live’ website was, “Online education is bound to widen the digital divide in society”. 
  • It means the distance between poor and rich has increased with online classes.
  • The lack of devices to attend online classes triggered suicide in Bengal. The whole world was shocked, as it proved the disparity. (Source: Times Now).

  • As per The Wire, only 24% of people have an internet connection for online classes.
  • The scenario of govt schools are way worse than the imagination. The distance from education has started a psychological note on kids. 
  • In a completely different context, a survey shows that more than 90% of the dumped computers and laptops can be refurbished easily and donated for poor kids to attend online classes.

We’ve been running various charity campaigns for helping migrant workers, small businessmen, daily wagers and even our Coronavirus Helpers. Among all, this cause of ‘Donate Old Laptops or Computers’ came up because there are millions of children suffering. 

This might not be essential like milk or food but a nation without education is a nation without life. 

Donate Online to Help Poor Students.