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Donate Charity Gifts & Spread Happiness In Needy People

Donate Charity Gifts & Spread Happiness Among Needy People

In this blog: Let’s understand why is it important to donate charity gifts among the needy people and how the gifts donated to SERUDS are processed to the intended person.

What’s the worlds biggest joy? The joy of spreading happiness. In our previous blog, we discussed the incidents that proved that humanity still exists

We took a step back in this blog to explain why is it important to donate charity gifts for the people who usually celebrate their special days only because of your little donation.

Ever wondered who’ll surprise the little angels on their birthday, who don’t have their parents? Remember as a kid, we cried a lot for new clothes for our birthday so that we could wear and show it off to friends.


  • Spreading smiles is the noblest deed. Your donations will bring smiles on the faces of poor people.

Donate Charity Gifts

  • Your little effort can make someone happy for a longer time. 
  • Kids wait for such unexpected surprises because they believe in miracles. 
  • It makes you a bigger person.
  • We also celebrated many birthdays at Seruds, all thanks to donors like you. Watch the video here (or Watch directly on YouTube)


  • World’s biggest pleasure is in providing joy to God’s own child.
  • Donating Charity gifts will make this world a better place. 

Gifts are always best when given with pure heart. It doesn’t require to be luxurious, all it needs is just to be given to the right person at the right time. Help us spreading smiles. Click to donate gifts.