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Make Diwali Wishful With Big Billion Smiles Diwali Charity Campaign

Diwali Charity campaign India

Happy Diwali 2020: These advance wishes are for all who are making Diwali truly wishful and happy for needy people by participating in Big Billion Smiles Diwali charity campaign.

First things first, we thank all the generous people who contributed to our previous phase of the ‘Big Billion Smiles’ Campaign during Dussehra 2020. There were many needy people who celebrated the festival with a smile on their face.

When Diwali is around 2 weeks away, our charity campaign has reached our 2nd phase of the Big Billion Charity Campaign. The slight modification of the charity campaign is as per the organization’s purview.

Here’s what the charity campaign has been modified as per Diwali and also to bring your notice. 

Phase 2 of Big Billion Smiles for Diwali Charity Campaign:

Diwali is basically, the festival of lights. The word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word Deepavali, meaning “rows of lighted lamps”. 

The ultimate message that it gives is enlightenment. The power of the greater good is evenly distributed for all that’s why we make sure there’s no darkness during this festival with diyas.

Diwali Charity campaign India

We’ve successfully provided clothes, food and shelter to more than 100 individuals at our SERUDS home. The distribution of grocery items every month is also a part of our regular activities. 

Phase 2 of Big Billion Smiles will focus on providing a bit of such enlightenment to orphans and elders at home.

With the Special Diwali Charity campaign, we urge people to donate as much as possible to SERUDS so that needy people can have a bit of festivities. 

You can donate by clicking here

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