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Daan Utsav 2020- The Joy Of Giving Week Could Be More Joyful

Daan Utsav 2020- The Joy Of Giving Week Could Be More Joyful

Daan Utsav 2020 – The Joy of Giving Week is observed as a significant week duration where several charitable events by NGOs help raise donations.

Also known as the ‘Festival of Philanthropy’ which was launched in 2009, it is celebrated in India for 7 days every first week of October. This year it started from 2nd of October and will last upto 8th of October. 

#DaanUtsav is a great way to raise funds for the people every year but this year the importance of which is higher than ever. Even at SERUDS, Kurnool based NGO who has more than 100 dependants in our Old Age Home and Orphanage.

As the lockdown is lifted and we’re almost unlocked with everything, its not easy to uplift the economy… it will take its own time and its in the hands of the beholder to feed whoever is needy. 

Daan Utsav 2020 – The Enough Is Not That Enough For All

Several Charity Campaigns are already active for Helping daily wagers’ and COVID Relief’ but clearly the need is slightly unmatched. It’s no secret that the number of people seeking help is as high as ever and the flow of donations for general NGO causes, for example, SERUDS Causes, are underprovided.

Though there are so many generous people like you who donated money, relief material, and services as well. Daan Utsav 2020 is another golden chance to help as many as possible.


Daan Utsav 2020

The donations can be 5 rs, 10 rs, 20 rs also. It’s not the amount but the intention behind it that matters.  Our sole motto is, ‘Donate as less as possible and we’ll help as many as possible’.

The popular causes for which the donations can be used are as follows:

  • Food donation for elders.
  • Meals for Orphanage.
  • Grocery distribution among Daily Wagers.
  • Scholarships for Needy Students.

Apart from that, we’ve been distributing cooked meals among the homeless people of Kurnool and other parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Support SERUDS or any other charity to help as much as possible during Daan Utsav 2020 as this is a tough time for all but tougher for many. Click to donate.