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Coping with Old Age

Old Age Home

About Old Age

Life is a miracle and everyday is beautiful. But, most of the time, we are either looking forward to something or remembering something in our past.
Living in the moment and celebrating every moment is a joyful way to live. But this way of life is followed only by infants and the very old.

Aging is inevitable, however, old age is optional. If we continue our day to day activities without emphasising to our inner mind about our age, nay indeed even counting our age, we can continue to be physically young. Most often, we start physically deteriorating after we lose a sense of purpose and sit quietly thinking that life has passed us by. It is a blessing to be a healthy, independent and energetic 80-year-old, rather than one lives a restricted life, dependent on others to get through each day.

LIFE is what is happening to us, right now; not our wishful thinking or perception of what life should be or could be.
We can defer ‘old age’ in physical terms, as chronological age doesn’t matter. It is our mental and physical health, and emotional health too, that we need to protect, like avoiding disease, losing independence, lack of income, etc.

Old Age Home

So, do we really have to be ‘old’?

Let us not say we are old; better to simply state our age. It is all about the state of one’s mind. If we think we are too old to learn how to use a smartphone, or computer, we will find it difficult to keep up with the rest of the world. Then, we will fell frustrated and blame old age for not being able to keep up with technology. But in reality, even a teenager had to first learn how to use the Smartphone, and indeed, how to even text.

Learn to cope with increasing years

As we get older, we have to deal with insecurity, anxiety, isolation [especially in the times of the pandemic], and apprehension.

We worry,
• will we become disabled and bed ridden?
• How will the end of life approach ; will it be all alone in an ICU with strangers all around or will it be peacefully at home and instant?
• Will we run out of money, and become financially dependent on others?

What can we do to safeguard ourselves, to the best possible old age?

We should not be helpless, and it is good to take charge. Remember, you’re the director of your own life and how it should be. We just have to make sure all bases are covered.
• Keep track of finances, and have a proper investment and savings plan
• Have regular medical health checks and act upon any incipient signs of illness .
• Seek help, if there is any emotional upheaval or imbalance
• Seek help if physical activities are becoming difficult, be specific on your needs so that you get the exact support that you require
• Keep yourself engaged in some activity, and develop new skills to keep yourself mentally agile,
• Have some schedule for physical activity [do not do too much at once, and in case of pain or discomfort, give the physical activity a break].

Seruds India has been offering solace and a helping hand to elders

SERUDS care about elders, especially destitute and abandoned old people who need food and shelter.  Seruds has been running several programs for elders :

Free Old Age Home for Elderly Women

Midday Meals Scheme for poor Old People

Sponsor Rations monthly for abandoned old women

You can donate for the above causes or volunteer in any our programs