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Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar is Worth Reading

Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar

In this Blog: Let’s discuss Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar that made him even more inspiring person. From education to Village adoption, Sachin has done a lot of charity work.

Sachin Tendulkar is not only admired for his outstanding performance on the field but also admired for his values as a human being. he contributed a lot back to the society.

Here are some of the Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin’s Charity for Free Education

Apnalaya is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1973. it works with the most marginalised people living in highly under-served slums of Mumbai. Sachin supported this organisation for over two decades. More than 200 deprived children are being sponsored for free education. Besides education, Sachin also sponsors articles like stationery and uniforms for the students. He also committed a minimum of Rs 25 lakh to apnalaya to help fight child malnutrition from the sale of his book “playing it my way” sponsoreducation for child

Friend indeed

Dalbir singh gill, a former cricketer who played with sachin tendulkar at the under-17 level. He was injured in a road accident in 2002. he had a hip replacement surgery in 2010 and can now walk again. The bill for his treatment was paid for by sachin tendulkar.

Village adoption

Sachin Tendulkar adopted two villages under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Scheme, those are Puttam Raju Kandriga in Andhra Pradesh and Donja in Maharashtra. He adopted puttamrajuvari kandrika in andrapradesh in November 2014. he completely transformed the village. Now this village has underground sewage, concrete roads, 24*7 water and power supply and a playground. Further, he adopted another village donja in Maharashtra and it is in developing stage.

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No to alcohol and cigarette endorsements

We should applaud Sachin Tendulkar since he was turned down of a $4 million advertisement opportunity for a popular cigarette brand. He had also refused Rs 26 crore offered to him for the endorsement of an alcohol-related product. millions of people in the world following Sachin Tendulkar. If Sachin accepted those projects. many would have followed him.

Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar

Batting for charity

One of the most memorable day for Sachin and all his fans is the day on which he had scored his hundredth century against Bangladesh. This is an unbreakable record in international cricket. Sachin Tendulkar marked this feat by auctioning the bat he had used during the match and donating the money for charity.

Sachin’s Cancer Charity Campaign

Tendulkar and Dr. Jagannath are working together on a campaign ‘Crusade against cancer in Children‘. Sachin just tweeted once and overnight lakhs came in donations. Over RS 125 lakhs had been collected. This is the huge amount that has been collected by a single celebrity for a single fundraising event in India.

Sachin’s MySchool Charity Campaign

The Coca-Cola Support My School campaign received overwhelming support for its unique 12-hour Telethon with Sachin Tendulkar. Many corporate and individuals came forward and joined hands to support this campaign to address grassroots issues of infrastructural facilities towards building healthy, active and happy schools in rural and semi-urban towns. This event raised nearly Rs 7 crore. These funds changed the lives of nearly 70,000 children across 140 schools in India.

Sachin’s Charity for Uttarakhand

Sachin donated Rs 51 lakh towards a relief fund to help the Uttarakhand state in its time of loss when it was ruined by enormous floods In 2013.

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best cricket players in the world. He can relax with what he had, but he never did such thing. He wants to make every one happy he won’t stop untill it happens. He is hero on/ off the field and his efforts, given his standing, are sure to set a great example for others, both the cricket-crazy and otherwise, to emulate. Hats of to you sachin tendulkar.

Every Individual Has His Own Style, His Own Way of Presenting Himself On and Off the Field.  – Sachin Tendulkar