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Build Tomorrow’s India Today By Making Charity For Poor Students

Build Tomorrow's India Today By Making Charity For Poor Students

In this blog: Let’s discuss why charity for Poor students is important to build a better Nation for tomorrow by providing scholarships.

India is a country with a population of 1.3 billion people and 70% of the total figure are kids and youth. If we look back at the literacy stats of 2018, we could easily say that India has people,  kids who want to get educated but hardly cannot afford it.

Despite having more than hundreds of NGOs working for the child’s education, the benchmark is still not attained.

Let’s take a look at a small survey that we conducted:

The survey had only 2 questions :

  1. Do Your Children Go To School? If not why?
  2. What Challenges Did You face Sending Kids To School?

The sample size of 100 people, Here’s an overview of the answers received:

For question number 1,  

  • More than 60 people  Sent only one of their children to school.
  • 25 people  sent all of their children to school
  • Remaining five people didn’t send their children to school

For question number 2, 

  • The biggest challenges faced is primarily huge fees.
  • The other Hurdles are recurring expenses like costly notebooks stationery items.

Charity For Poor Students

Make Charity For Poor Students To Strong India:

The harsh reality of the below middle-class people is usually the eldest child or never sent to school. To be honest even the cost of a pencil Is not affordable for several families. 

In the case of middle-class families, the son is sent to a great school, girls apparently need education just for namesake. 

Here are the different charitable programs by SERUDS NGO that you can support:

Sponsor School Fees For Poor Children:

We have been approached by many bright students seeking the sponsorship of school and tuition fees, but are constrained by lack of resources. You can sponsor for such needy children and fund for their better education through the following online support options. Click to donate.

Sponsor Education Materials For Girl Students:

At SERUDS NGO,  we need donations for providing School uniforms,  education material, school bags, etc for many girl students. Click to Donate.

 India can be at its strongest power when the power of education will be spread amongst all kids.