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Charitable Giving During This Pandemic

Warren Buffet is reputed to have said, “If you’re in the luckiest 1 per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.” Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford all the necessary supplies we need—food, masks, medical supplies, but there is a large population in need of help. If you’re looking to donate to charity to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many ways to get involved.

Fidelity Charitable survey of philanthropic individuals to see how they are responding to the pandemic and giving and volunteering behaviors have changed revealed that most donors plan to maintain or increase their donations during the year. Due to the lockdowns and risk of getting infected, volunteer activity sharply reduced. This poses difficulties for many nonprofits who rely on volunteers to deliver critical services.

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It is heartening to see the quantum of donations being committed by major philanthropists (estimated to be $10.3 billion globally in May 2020, according to Candid) and also how the process of giving has responded to the need: they are giving at greater speed, imposing fewer conditions, and are relying on collaboration with others.

What we should learn as 2020 draws to a close

This year end season is all about gratitude. It’s not about mindless partying till we drop, but to give a bit of joy in the lives of those who are not so fortunate as to afford daily necessities.

If this year of the pandemic has taught us something, it’s taught us to look out for each other, for sure. During the lockdown, we could afford to stock up on essentials and also cakes and jams. But the reality is that many could not manage even essentials, and lost their livelihood.

So, in the spirit of giving, sharing and looking out for each other this holiday season, donate meals or dry rations to those in need. Offer goodies to the underprivileged, and maybe take care of stray animals. Many people abandoned their pets, and shifted back to their hometowns, without a thought as to how the creatures would adapt to the streets.

We are all counting the days till we can move around freely, and go on vacations. How about indulging in the Christmas spirit, by giving and sharing! One can even share one’s skills. We can create a webpage for small local businesses, or compliment their goods and services on our social media. We can share our old laptop or mobile phone with needy students. Maybe we can even pay for their WiFi for a year! Opportunities are endless.

Here is an opportunity to donate to SERUDS NGO, which has many causes to choose from.

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Volunteer at an orphanage and old age home.

Spend time with the lonely, especially the orphans and elderly. They will cherish every moment you spend with them.

The orphans feel abandoned, and lack a sense of direction. Maybe you can teach them, and help them figure out a fruitful life.

A pandemic demands that we reevaluate our lives and take concrete action to get cracking about ways in which to give back to society, and leave a lasting impression on the lives that matter. Every life matters!