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A Real Service to Society: Celebrities Village adoption in India

Village adoption by Celebrities

Village adoption for energizing the rural economy and slow down the rural-urban migration. If you seriously want to contribute something back to society, you can consider the village adoption for a specific duration. Village adoption doesn’t mean that the change of entire village to town. Village adoption means uplifting a village by providing monetary donations. Through village adoption individual can develop, the community can develop, the economic condition of the village can better than earlier and the village can develop a lot.

People migrate in large number from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment, education facilities and mainly due to lack of resources in villages. This migration is increasing day by day. We know that villages are the backbone of a country. If there are sufficient resources in villages, then no need to go to cities.

“today cities dominate and drain villages so that they are crumbling to ruin- mahatma Gandhi”.

But, how can villages get resources?

The answer is us. Each and every person who is living in cities now is a village in once upon a time in past or at least their ancestors are villagers. Among those many were well settled and relaxed. We don’t have to forget our roots. Whenever our village needs our help we should be ready to help.

“The future of India lives in its villages- mahatma Gandhi”

Now everyone aware of village adoption and many celebrities are coming forward to adopt villages.

Celebrities Who Adopted Villages:

Shahrukh Khan Adopted 12 Villages

Shahrukh Khan is not a person who publicizes his charities. He develops a village and moves onto the next village silently. In 2009 he funded a solar energy project that bought electricity to 7 Odisha villages. He adopted the 12 villages in Bhitarkanika parkland space. He remains to be the sole Indian who won the UNESCO Pyramide con Marni award for his untold charity.

Mahesh Babu Adopted 2 Villages

Superstar Mahesh Babu adopted his ancestral village Burripalem in Guntur Dist, Andhra Pradesh as part of the initiative to give back to the society. He inspired from his movie Srimantudu. He played the role of the billionaire who adopts village to look after the welfare of people living in rural areas. After that, he adopted the Siddapuram village in Telangana.

Suresh Gopi Adopted Gonchiyur Village

He is Malayalam 2012 he adopted tribal village Gonchiyur, where liquor business was going in full swing. After his adoption, the village was uplifted financially and liquor trade declined and villagers decided to rename their village with his name Suresh Gopi village. He is the only actor in this list to have a village named after him.

Amir Khan Adopted Villages in Gujrat

Bollywood star Amir Khan adopted two villages Tal and Koregaon in drought-hit region of Maharastra. This is not the first time, earlier he adopted villages in Kutch in Gujarat in 2001.

Nana Patekar’s Village Adoption is a benchmark

Nana Patekar formed a non -governmental organization named as NAAM foundation. He adopted two drought-affected villages in Marathwada. The foundation was set up to help farmers hit by drought. the foundation has decided to extend aid to affected farmers and the families of those who ended their lives due to their inability to repay loans. Read more about Naam Foundation

Here the list is not ended. There are many more artists came forward and became a part of village development.

The Government of India launched a village development project called Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. Under this project, each Member of Parliament will take the responsibility of developing physical and institutional infrastructure in three villages.Read more

village adoption Govt programs

The key interventions for village adoption are:

  • Road connectivity
  • Reducing Substance Abuse (alcoholism, smoking etc.)
  • Introduce the women to new technology and financial services including microfinance.

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  • Universal & equal access to basic health facilities (presence of a health card, location of health providers ( public and private )
  • Antenatal, Postnatal, and Delivery care
  • bathrooms and Designated spaces for washing and drying clothes
  • Food habits & Nutrition aspects (with a focus on children, adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers)
  • Universal and equal access to education facilities
  • Innovative smart schools, Libraries can be developed as resource centers with good children’s books
  • Social mobilization
  • Skill development in agricultural practices
  • IEC about reproductive and healthcare services and vaccines
  • Early childhood care and education(ECCE)

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  • Vocational and technical training for youth
  • Promoting diversified agricultural and allied livelihoods
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills in different livelihood avenues among men and women
  • Upgrading knowledge on technology infrastructure and equipment’s
  • Housing & habitat development by promoting cost-effective appropriate technologies.

Let’s take a inspiration of serving society. Start contributing now. Find link to make charity on Top left of the page.