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Care For Share – Here’s How You Can Help Needy Without Donating

Care For Share - Here's How you can Help Needy without Donating

Care for Share is the charity campaign by SERUDS NGO with a unique idea of how one can donate needy without actually donating. 

Before we get into the explanation of the campaign, let’s understand how social media can affect one’s perception. It’s been just a few years since Social Media got their popularity & almost everyone can access it.

Considering this, SERUDS President, Mallikarjuna Gorla came up with an idea of how one can actually donate to needy people without spending a single penny. 

The idea is actually great as it can lead to a viral way of reaching people. 

Here’s What ‘Care For Share’ Campaign is All About:

There are people who want to involve and help NGO but they lack funds but they can help by spreading the word. 

With Social Media playing a vital role in how people perceive information, one can help to reach the requirement of donation to the rightful person.

The detailed steps of the Care For Share Campaign is as follows:

STEP 1: Upload the below design to your Instagram story.

SERUDS Care For Share - Charity Campaign

STEP 2: Mention @serudsindia on the story with a caption, ‘DM to know more’.

STEP 3: Post it on WhatsApp story.

With just above mentioned 3 steps, one can participate in the campaign and help the needy people. 

Well, the campaign is quite easy for everyone to participate in. Let’s hope your activity of spreading the word would result in fruitful.

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