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Bill Gates Charity Work – Worlds Richest Man Donates in Billions

Bill Gates Charity Work - Worlds Richest Man Donates in Millions

In this article, let’s discuss Bill Gates’s charity work. It would be awe-inspiring to share donations and Social contributions by World’s richest person.

Bill Gates, whose real name is William Henry Gates III is the founder of one of the most successful films of all time, Microsoft. He is very famous for his philanthropist works and here we’ll bring all his charitable work under one site. 


When we talk about charity, Angelina Jolie is the first name we get in mind… because of her massive charity work. But not many people are aware of Bill Gates Contribution to society.

Here’s The List of Charity Work by Bill Gates:

  • As per Forbes, Bill Gates has reportedly donated more than 4.6 Billion USD to fight Malaria in the year 2017. 
  • The same year Bill Gates was awarded as ‘Best Philanthropist’. (Source: CNBC) 

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  • Bill Gates along with other billionaires like Warren Buffet started a Charitable foundation called The Giving Pledge. Which now has more than 156 members. 
  • Bill Gates runs his own foundation, Gates Foundation alongside his wife Melinda Gates. 

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  • Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have reportedly announced that their children will inherit only 10 million each, the rest goes to charity. 

Bill Gates Charity Work

  • The amount that goes to charity by Bill Gates as his fortune is more than 81.1 Billion USD. 
  • He reportedly gave away almost all his shares from Microsoft and as of now he just owns 1.3% of the company. 
  • Bill Gates charity work includes prestigious projects like Global Health Division, Global Development Division, United States Division, etc and many more. 

That’s all about the social work by Billionaire Bill Gates. These personalities are really an inspiring note for all who want to make this world a better place. 

Wholeheartedly Thank You, Bill Gates, for helping the world.