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Best Charity In India 2021 Is To Donate Time | Seruds NGO Kurnool

Best Charity In India 2021 Is To Donate Time _ Seruds NGO Kurnool

In this article, we’ll discuss what is the best charity in India 2021, which is not money, it is time. Learn how you can donate the same with SERUDS NGO in Kurnool.

Most people think that donating money or any materialistic article is all we need but the truth is far from the predictions. 

As Mother Teresa brilliantly mentioned, “Helping hands are better than praying lips”, we understand that actually helping people is more preferable to just the wish of helping people. (contradictory, sometimes just the wish is also fine).

The best donation that anyone can give to the needy without spending much is time. In the advanced world, with the cutting-edge tech right in our hands, what we lack the most is time. 

Best Charity in India is to Donate Time:

A recent study by the science daily website, it was noted that people consider donating time to people as empathy but due to lack of proper scheduling, it won’t happen as planned. 

Be a Friend:

Spend some time with the people as all they need is someone to talk to. We still remember one such incident when one of our old fella who never interestingly responded to any gifts or presents but did speak to one of the college freshmen who visited just to have a chit-chat with everyone.

Donate time is the best charity india 2021

Be a Volunteer:

Working as a volunteer can be a very rewarding experience in a number of ways. There are many reasons to consider sharing your time and talents with individuals or organizations that are in need of assistance.

Hence, we at SERUDS being one of the most prominent NGOs in Kurnool, AP, highly recommend people to come to visit us and donate their time. Help us handling donation events, be a volunteer, donate your skillset, etc. For people living abroad, click to make a monetary donation.