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Award for Excellence in Social Service Goes to Seruds NGO

Award for Excellence in Social Service Goes to Seruds NGO

What’s this: Happy and honored to announce that the Award for excellence in Social Work proudly goes to the president of Seruds NGO. In the picture, we can see Seruds President Mallikarjuna Gorla receiving an award from chief guests.

There’s a saying that good deeds never remains unappreciated. So it’s an awe-inspiring moment when we see it happening.

Let’s go back in time for a while and see how things were started.

It was the around 15 years ago when Seruds NGO got it’s Legal Status under section under A.P. Societies Registration Act, 35 of 2001; FCRA, 12A & 80G of Income Tax Exemption Act, 1961; with a sole vision of slogan, “WE CARE & SUPPORT”.

The award for the best services was announced earlier this year and was bagged by Seruds President, Mallikarjuna.

Yet again, the award for excellence was given to Seruds NGO by S V Subbareddy  Foundation.

Seruds NGO best Services Award

Details of the event as follows:

SERUDS Charity received “Certificate of Excellence in Social Service Sector for the Deprived” through the hands of Kurnool MLA Sri.SV Mohan Reddy & APSP 2nd Battalion DIG Mr.G.Vijaya Kumar, IPS. Thanks to SV Subba Reddy Foundation for honouring the award to SERUDS NGO in Kurnool.

While speaking to media Seruds president Mallikarjuna said that it feels immense pleasure and happiness that we were able to make lives of thousands of people and children, better. Our struggle didn’t end… there’s a long way to go. The entire credit goes to the volunteers of Seruds NGO and people who made donations for Helping others.

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Well, his hard work is one of biggest pillar and yes, the donations we receive is from people and together we can achieve another milestone.

Keep Donating and Keep helping others.

Congratulations to Team Seruds NGO again.