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Akshay Kumar Charity Work – Bollywood Khiladi Have a Heart of Gold

Akshay Kumar Charity

Let’s understand charity work by Akshay. He is always in the news for his various social work either helping Jawaans or raising funds by auctions.

But how much the Khiladi of Bollywood have actually donated to the society? Let’s unveil in this blog. 

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Before which let’s take a look at Rajiv as a waiter to Akshay as a Superstar.

BTW Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia is his real name and he was a writer who lived with just a few pennies up his pocket. Most of which were the one donated to him. 

After 27 years, Akshay Kumar is one of the highest taxpayers of the Bollywood industry. He reportedly paid record-breaking 29.7 crores as an advance tax in 2017.

Not only his tax amount but his Contribution to society is also equally shocking. 

Here’s List of the Charity Work by Akshay Kumar:

  • Akshay Kumar has donated more than 1 crore for the families of jawans who were martyred in the Pulwama attack
  • Akshay made a charity of Rs 1 Lakh for each bride. There were a total of 100 brides to whom Akshay helped.

Akshay Kumar Charity

  • Not many know but Akshay Kumar is the reason many of the stuntman and stuntwomen can avail insurance. Read more
  • Akshay recorded a promotional video to raise funds for the people whose lives were shattered in Mumbai train bombing victims.
  • Akshay Kumar helped many girls learn self-defence for free in his school of martial arts. He alongside Tapsee Pannu recorded a video as well to spread the awareness. Watch Video Below: 

  • Akshay Kumar launched his dream project Bharat Ke Veer App to raise funds for the army people and their families. 
  • A lump-sum donation in crores was made by the Kesari actor himself for the Chennai relief fund. 

The list doesn’t end here, Akshay Kumar has done massive charity work for the society. Great actors like Akshay are also great human beings. They help people out of responsibility… let’s do the same, let’s make a donation for the needy people Donate now