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Believe it or Not But Akon’s Donation is Helping 600 Million People

Believe It or Not But Akon’s Donation Helped 600 Million People- Akon Lightning

In this Blog: Let’s discuss How Akon is working for the betterment of Africa with his organization, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’

“I wanna make up right now na na…

 I wanna make up right now na na…

Wish we never broke up right now na na

We need to link up right now na na…”

When we hear about Akon, the famous POP singer, these 4 lines come in our head first. The American-Senegalese based singer and producer have delivered huge hits in his career.

His songs are always in the playlist of music lovers.

But a few years back, in 2014 he gave a break to his career and started a revolutionary movement, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’.

It was about bringing electricity to the rural sides of Africa where people still had only one light ‘Sunlight’.

Akon established ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ with Samba Bathily. It aims to provide electricity by solar energy in Africa.

Akon felt his concern about lightning Africa because it observes sunlight 320 days of the year and it indicated enough resources to produce solar energy and also can export it.

As of now, the stats say that 80 million people now have electricity because of Akon’s Donations.

Akon Lighting Africa is the fastest growing solar-powered electricity provider in the world. The target for Akon is to provide electricity to 600 million people in remote areas of Africa.

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Akon is truly a man with Golden Heart. Do you know, in the year 2007, when Akon was emerging as a star, launched a charitable organization called Konfidence Foundation.

The foundation provides education, scholarships, and jobs to the deprived section of the society.

It was intended to improve the quality of life of the people of Africa and is been involved in impeccable charity work with utmost passion.

Akon in his recent interview said, ‘People think as a celebrity, it’s a piece of cake to go out of the way to help, believe me it’s not easy’.

We have simple question, If he can, why not we?

Let’s make a donation, let’s help the needy people, make a charity, build a world with less sorrows. Click to donate