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Dandagalla Indumathi is one of the 60 children in SERUDS Orphanage in Kurnool

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Dandagalla Indumathi recently joined SERUDS family. She was admitted here by her mother Laxmi Devi after her husband’s death.

She has 2 siblings and the younger one is just 2 months old. Because of this her mother is not able to go to full time work and support the family. Her father’s death due to heart attack has pushed them to financial distress . Indumathi’s mother is not able to provide basic necessities to her children.

Though Indumathi is just 8 years she used to do household chores at her home to help her mother. Though her mother wanted to provide a comfortable life and education, she was not able to afford it. This pushed her to admitIndumathi and her sister Lalitha in SERUDS Orphanage.

She is an active kid and likes to play games. At SERUDS all other kids try to make her happy and help her to get over her sadness.

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SERUDS Orphanage in Kurnool

Seruds Orphanage for Girls and Orphanage for Boys were started in January 2012. We started with 5 children in 2012.Today we have 25 girls and 35 boys. The Children’s Homes are spread across 3 floors.The children are orphans, rescued street children found by volunteers, or come from very poor families or have single parents who cannot give them proper education and food.Our children call it their home. Indeed we work hard to make it so. After they have lost so much, they deserve all the security and love any normal home provides