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Sponsor Kummari Lakshmamma

Kummari Lakshmamma is one of the 30 grannies in SERUDS Old Age Home in Kurnool

Sponsor Kummari Lakshmamma

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Step up and Give a Poor Elderly a Life of Dignity

By the age of 66 and I came by myself to SERUDS Old Age Home. I am now 75 years old. It has been 9 years since I was in the ashram. Occasionally my family come here, to meet me. But they never invited me to come home with them any day. It is hard for me to have to stay away from my home, but the affection and love shown to me by those who are with me in this Old Age Home has made them my family members. With my past experience, I am sure I cannot live happily with my sons and daughter.

My name is Kummari Lakshmamma. I got married at the age of twenty in Roddipalle , Kurnool district. We had four sons and one daughter. My husband and I used to work on a farm in our village and make a living.  One day, a tragedy happened our eldest son was bitten by a snake while playing and died on the way to the hospital. After four years, my third son also died in a road accident.

My husband bought a three acre farm. In due course, all our children got married.  One day my husband fell down when he was working on the farm. In the hospital, Doctors  said it was cancer. After five years my husband died. Two years after my husband died, my youngest son had a heart attack and died. Since then I have been living with my youngest daughter-in-law [widowed] and children, but it has become difficult to live on the earnings of the daughter-in-law .

I do not have the energy to work and earn and I have BP, I have diabetes and cannot see clearly. My youngest daughter -in law can feed me but she does not have the money to spend on my health . Then my second son came to me and said if I  transfer the farm to his name, he would look after me.

I believed him and wrote the farm deed in his name. I was taken care of, for a year. But later he started neglecting me and did not buy medicines in time. 


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Sponsor Elder E Balamma

My name is E.Balamma. I am currently 81 years. I got married when I was 20 years old. We have two sons and one daughter. My husband died in an accident.

My two sons took good care of me for a few days after my husband died. but later  were not taking responsibility for my health care.

So I was admitted to SERUDS old age home by my daughter.

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My name is Ramulamma. I am 80 years old. I got married when I was 19 years old. My husband used to work as farmer. We have three sons and one daughter. Two of my sons died when they were very young. My husband passed away due to Jaundice.

As I got older I didn’t have the energy to work, and then my son and my daughter-in-law started neglecting me and brought to SERUDS old age home.

SERUDS Old Age Home in Kurnool

Giving a Life of Dignity to Elders

SERUDS launched Happy Old Age Home in January 2012 for abandoned & destitute women in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh,

Old Age Home is fully free and funded solely through donations. Home shelters 30 grannies at present.

Since 2012, 90 elders have called it their home during the last stage of their lives.