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Sponsor Sewing Machines to create Sustainable Livelihoods

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Total Budget is Rs.640000/-

During the NGO’s baseline survey SERUDS observed that a key problem in all target areas was unemployment. The primary objective of this programme is to create employment opportunities for 100 disadvantaged adolescent girls in rural areas or women widowed at an early age by providing training in tailoring skills and a sewing machine.

How It Works

  • Beneficiaries are selected through various methods like, identification of the target families during field visits, enquiring with the local community and direct requests from potential beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries are then shortlisted based on their attitude and approach, education levels, learning capabilities, personal verification and by collecting data on the beneficiary’s socio-economical conditions.
  • Under this programme we provide skill training to the beneficiaries for 3 months in our training centre.
  • The training sessions are conducted throughout the year whenever there is a requirement.
  • It is held for 4 hours every day. At the end of the training the women are provided with a sewing machine, certificate of completion and a kit to start their own little business.
  • The support provided helps young women (who have unfortunately been widowed in their adolescence), learn basic skills in tailoring and provides them with a sewing machine to start earning on their own.
  • This would help them with a sustainable and self-reliant source of livelihood.

Purpose of Donation

Trainer Charges :     Rs.1400
Sewing Machine USHA :     Rs.5000
TOTAL :     Rs.6400
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