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New Year Resolution That Can Change The World

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New Year Resolution That Can Change The World

New Year Resolution That Can Change The World

Another year, another opportunities and another chance to be a better self. I guess you all made a New Year Resolution not expressively but deep down to yourself, ‘yes, let’s do it this year or I shall not repeat it this year.

It’s good to have a New Year resolution, even better when you implement it.

Do you want to know what our New Year Resolution is??

We are proud to say that our New Year Resolution has the potential to change the world. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” (Goodreads.com)

What is the New Year Resolution that can change the world?

Being fit? No, controlling our temper, no. Working with dedication? No

These things bring change in the life of an individual. What we are talking about is something changes other’s life. We’ll elaborate it little more considering you as the person who want to change the world.

  1. Visit Old Age Home and spend your valuable time with the people who feels alone and unimportant. The smile which they’ll get seeing you can change the world.
  2. Feed poor people, when the food goes in the empty stomach the face says it all. The satisfaction has the power to change the world.
    Steve Jobs- Change the world
  3. Educate one child, the power of education will definitely change the world.
  4. Make charity and donations but don’t call it as charity, call it as your responsibility towards society. The donations has the power to change the world.(irrespective of the amount, say it as 1 $ or 1000 $)
  5. Be a useful resource to the society and be ready to help others. Even a small gesture of help will change the world.

Yes, we all can do it, might be difficult individually but all together, it is a cakewalk. Come let’s change the world together with our New Year Resolutions and make this world a better place.

At Seruds, we have Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Day Care Centers and much more. To know more about us or to make donations visit our site.


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