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He Never Got School Uniform And Years Later He Bought It For Entire Orphanage

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He Never Got School Uniform And Years Later He Bought It For Entire Orphanage

In this blog: We are sharing a heart-melting story of one of our donor who spoke about his early life and childhood. His story is a proof how dedication can change scenario of life.

Disclaimer: It was his request not to reveal his name. Details like name and location are changed/ hidden due to case sensitivity.

Everything started with an anonymous call we received. The person was asking about ‘number of school going children we have in our orphanage’, ‘number of boys/girls’.. We interrupted and asked his details, he said he wants to donate school uniforms to everyone’.

He continued saying he’ll meet us next day in the afternoon.

We were surprised to hear that but happy as well.

Next day we waited for this person and he was half an hour late than the decided time.

We were expecting someone in a luxury car (probably a rich person who can afford uniforms to all the children). But we saw a person getting down on a motorbike,  in a casual attire and walked towards us and said, “sorry for being late”, “we spoke on a call yesterday”.

We both sat in an attic where he confirmed his intention of donating School Uniforms to all the children.

We clarified the cost and expenses and he said, “yeah I am aware of it, I just want you to select uniform color and the number of uniforms required”

He bought the school uniform for entire orphanage as promised and donated to us the very next day.

Brand new school uniforms were ready for the children. We placed it in and called all the students and everyone came and collected based on their size.

People these days usually click pictures, selfies or few bring cameraman to shoot everything.

The person who donated was standing right there but didn’t utter a single word.

Educating a child

We announced to the students to thank that person who donated and pointed my finger when there was a round of applause for him.

Then the students dispersed. He came towards us and said, during my childhood, “I use to have ‘old worn and torn’ uniform to use (given by others) and other children use to make fun of it. Though many years passed, I still remember that child inside me who wanted nothing but a good school uniform, I know how bad it feels. Even though I may not be very rich today but I can afford to bring smile to all these children”

He then left and promised to meet us soon.

Once who didn’t had a uniform to wear bought for entire orphanage.

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