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M. Nagalakshmi

M. Nagalakshmi


Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 8 years
Studying Class : II Std
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : M.Yellaiah, Died
Mother, Alive Y/N : M.Mahalakshmi, Yes
Date of Joining : 01.03.2014
Joined by Whom : Mother
Address : Ramakrishnapuram Village, Banaganapalle Mandal, Kurnool District


Nagalakshmi parents both were labourers. Whenever they get agricultrue work they will do as daily wage labourers. Rest of the days they should starve with out any income. They have 3 children. They feel so sad about their family conditions. The children always used to cry for food and children used suffering with malnutrition. Due to scarcity of rain they didn’t get regular work. Sudenly her father fell illness and died two years ago. When both parents were working they did not get sufficient money to feed their children. But now single parent is not able to manage children to provide food and education. At that time she heard about Joy Home and for the sake of Nagalakshmi future she decided to join her in Joy Home.


Nagalakshmi when she was with her parents often she used to sleep without food. The entire family used to adjust by having drinking water only. She was too young to bear the hunger. Not only that she wont have proper dresses and books to go to school. But now she is having every thing like a well settled family member. Even the accommodation also so nice. Regularly teacher to help them in the studies. When the inmates suffers with illness they will get private doctor treatment, milk, fruits, sweets. JoyHome always have all sorts of leafy vegetables, grocieries to provide sufficent food to the inmates. So she feels so happy to stay in the home.


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