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Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:17 years
Studying Class:B.Com (Digital Marketing)
1st Year
School:KVR Govt. College for Women, Railway Station Road, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N:M.Venkateswarlu (Died)
Mother, Alive Y/N:M.Venkateswaramma, Yes
Date of Joining:1/10/2014
Joined by Whom:Das, Volunteer
Address:Palukur Village, Banaganapalle Mandal, Kurnool District


Mother works as a daily wage laborer in mines and gets Rs.150 per day whenever she gets the work from contractor. Her father met with an accident and died while going to hospital for treatment. As a daily labor, mother is unable to meet all the needs of the family and due to poverty she was forced to bring Mounika to the workplace instead of sending her to the school.

Mounika is very interested in studies and has a dream to become a government officer.

Mounika’s mother understood her child’s interest in studies so she wanted support to fulfill her child’s interest. Hence she decided to admit her in the orphanage. At that time she met with a volunteer of Seruds & joined Mounika in Joy Home orphanage.

The orphanage is taking care of good education, food, health, personal hygiene, and shelter.


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