V. Kaveri

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V. Kaveri

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Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 13 years
Studying Class : VII Std
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : V.Muniswamy (Left From the Family), Yes
Mother, Alive Y/N : V.Maddamma, Yes
Date of Joining : 2/18/2013
Joined by Whom : Staff of SERUDS
Address : Cement Nagar Village, Bethamcherla Mandal, Kurnool District


Mother works as a daily wage agriculture labour in Cement Nagar, Nandyal Mandal, Kurnool District. Her father works as a lorry cleaner, truck driver, migrant labour.  Whatever he earns he did not spend for the family, but he takes Alcohol with that money. Whenever he did not get work he won’t get money to drink so he will demand his wife for money, but hardly he is providing normal food to the family. So she fails to give always angrily he used to beat her severely and began to sell whatever house hold things available in that vessels, clothes etc. Meanwhile, he habituated to bad habits and always drinks cheap liquor. He never cares about his family, wife, and children. He left the 3 children & wife and migrated to the different states and living with other women. Maddamma is an ill-health person affected with Tuberculosis. Her health does not permit her to work. The family struggles a lot to feed her children and herself. Whereas Kaveri is very active girl child having interest in studies. In this position, she heard about Joy Home and approached seruds staff to join her daughter Kaveri in the Home. She had a strong desire that Kaveri’s future will be so bright in the presence of Orphan Home Organizers.


As a 12 years old girl able to understand what was happening in the home, Father addicted to Alcohol, Mother is unable to get sufficient amount for the family needs due to ill-health constantly, but she is helpless condition but when her mother suggested joining in home, he agreed happily. That at least one member will become less not only that she can go to school. She is now studying VII class, she wants to become a Teacher and want to help her family in the future. Now she is getting nutritious meals, education, medical facilities in the seruds children orphanage.


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