Durga Raju

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Durga Raju

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Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:15 years
Studying Class:9th classs
School:IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Occupation:Bhaskar (alive); day laborer
Mother, Alive Y/N:Baby, Yes
Date of Joining:4 June 2017
Joined by Whom:Father
Address:Palkuru village, Banaganapalle mandal, Kurnool district.


Durga Raju’s  father is Bhaskar and mother is Baby. He has a brother. His father works as a day laborer. But sometimes work can’t be found. It is very difficult to meet expenses that day.  Raju’s brother who is 12 years old, works in a hotel.

Bhaskar’s wife did not give him a good life. They are divorced. She is living with another man. The two children are with Bhaskar, who never remarried because his fiance did not take care of the children properly.

It was very difficult to look after the children when he went to work. So Bhaskar came to know about Joy home Orphanage and he placed Durga Raju in Joy home Orphanage.


Seruds Charity Orphanage takes care of Durga Raju, and provides all notebooks, shelter and uniforms, food, and medical care.


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