A. Venkataswamy

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A. Venkataswamy

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Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 9 years
Studying Class :  V Std.
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : Venkateswarllu, Yes
Mother, Alive Y/N : Madhavi, No
Date of Joining :
Joined by Whom : Father
Address : Muchumarri, Nandikotukuru.


Venkataswamy was born to a poor family. His childhood was troubled by poverty conditions his family was in. His family couldn’t even afford healthy food. His mother was weak and she passed away during the delivery period. His father alone couldn’t have earned and taken care of children at home. So he inquired about places where Venkataswamy could safe, get food and study. He came to know about Joy Home and he was satisfied with care children are given, be it the food items, discipline, studies in the home. There is even home a teacher in a place to help children in weaker subjects. So without a second thought, he joined him in the Joy Home. He is not having both parents. In the month of Dec 2017, his father passed away in a road accident.


Now Venkataswamy his studying 5th class. He is a bright child and has a good memory and is passionate about studies. Regularly he is going to school, getting healthy hygienic food, uniform, books and every other necessity. He is happy to stay in the home and said that it is so better than his family home.

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