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P. Reshma

P. Reshma


Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 7 years
Studying Class : II Std
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : P.Suban, Died
Mother, Alive Y/N : P.Hussainamma, Yes
Date of Joining : 8/6/2014
Joined by Whom : Uncle
Address : Medikonda Village, Aiza Mandal, Mahabub Nagar District


Reshma’s father was a labour. Mother was also labour. Her father died 3 years ago. Even when he was alive he didn’t earn much for the family. So it is so difficult for Hussainamma to feed the family. Her meager income was so less it is not at all enough to feed 3 children. By seeing family conditions of Reshma, uncle Suban said her about Joy Home and motivated her mother about the imporatnce of Education. She thought if she leave Reshma in the Home atleast one girl child will get healthy food and proper education. As the prices and school fees are too high. Reshma is roaming here and there with out studies. So she decided to join her daughter in the Joy Home.


The girl is so happy to be a member of Joy Home. Because previously she didn’t get chance to wear clean clothes and not getting sufficient food to eat. But now she is getting healthy and hygenic food, nice dresses, necessary books, pens, pencils, etc. Even in the cold season the Home providing them wollen sweaters. The rooms are so clean will all store of facilities. She is so thrilling by having a very nice place and the care takers are so affectionately providing every thing.


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