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B. Bhuvaneshwari

B. Bhuvaneshwari


Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 12 years
Studying Class : VI Std
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : B.Maddileti (Agriculture labour), Yes
Mother, Alive Y/N : B.Moulalamma (Step Mother), Yes
Date of Joining : 9/14/2013
Joined by Whom : Volunteer Munnemma
Address : Muchumarri Villlage, Nandikotukur Mandal, Kurnool District.


Due to excessive drinking of cheap liquor Bhuvaneswari’s father suffers from liver psoriasis. Due to this disease he has constant stomach ache and is bed ridden. He is unable to work and earn the livelihood. Always mother & father used to fight for silly reasons. One day mother got suicide with lighting the kerosene. They has 2 children. Bhuvaneswari mother died due to disputes in the family at the age of 5months baby. Then father got married another woman for his enjoyment. Step mother is not at all bothering about the children and moreover she always uses oral abuse. Father works as daily wage construction / agriculture labour when his health permits to work. The environment of the home is not suitable to stay for children.  Elder brother live at Grandma and goes to the school. The parents cannot provide proper food and clothes to the children. As part of regular activities in the village, Volunteer Munnemma knew about the girl child Bhuvaneshwari and her critical situation in the family and motivated her father to join in the ashram. She is very much interested in studies & extra curricular activities.


Bhuvaneswari said now she is happy because need not starve and no harassment from her step mother. Now she is going to school like others, she said generally parents should look after their children, but my parents are not bothering about me when as Joy Home organizers without any relationship like parents they are providing everything. She said the organizers are really like God, because like her some other children also studying well. It’s all of the organizers goodness only. So she said she is always thankful to them and when she grow and settle in career she likes to help others. Seruds orphanage is taking care of education, food, accommodation, personal hygiene, healthcare for her.


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