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Charity For Winter Campaign- Donate Blankets, Jackets etc


Charity for Winter is a special campaign being run by SERUDS NGO with a sole intention to urge people to donate blankets, jackets, etc.

Winter is extremely unbearable. Well not for the people who warm themselves under layers of blankets and sweatshirts. 

Ever thought about the people who cannot afford any such additional clothes or blankets?

Our Campaign, ‘Charity for Winter’ is bringing a few unknown facts about how deadly the winter season is for many people.

Here’s Why Charity For Winter is Important:

  • Popular website ‘’ revealed that more than 780 people die every year due to cold weather. Know more.
  • Last year, in the first month of Winter, noted deaths of more than 300 people in Delhi alone.
  • During one of the coldest days of winter, in India, a man was captured on the roadside.

  • The situation in western countries is even worse. Countries with the lowest temperatures record jaw-dropping deaths.
  • Canada & USA have 2,35,000 & 5,53,000 approximate homeless people respectively.
  • Cold waves are increased across the world, and every year, coldest temperature record is broken. 
  • A pic was released on the internet showing the devastated condition of poor people in Winter. Click to view.


Considering the devastating condition due to Winter, Even at SERUDS Orphanage and Old Age Homes require warm clothes for which the campaign Charity for Winter is Created. 

We urge people to help needy people with your donations. Your minimum contribution can change a million lives. 

Every penny donated will be used to fulfil the needs of people under the SERUDS shelter. 

  • Purchase of Blankets
  • Mufflers
  • Sweatshirts & Jackets
  • Gloves and socks for old age people.

All donations made to SERUDS are completely exempted from tax. View SERUDS Legal Status

Easy process to donate to our Winter campaign: Visit this link