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Buy Happiness Through Online Donation

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Buy Happiness Through Online Donation

Happiness through Online Donations

“In the world of growing technology, we usually underrate the true source of happiness. We spend a lot of dollars on buying things online. Say it as clothes, accessories and many things. But the true happiness lies somewhere else”

In this blog, we are sharing some similar story of a person who made an online donation recently. He shared his story of how just another day ended up waking his conscience. However, name, location and other details are changed due to case sensitivity.

The Story will surely inspire you to buy happiness through online donations.

Robert, 19 years old, is a big internet and social media addict. Moreover, he always reaches the limit of his credit card by making different online purchases. One fine day when he was surfing the internet, he landed on our website, serudsindia.org read it for about a minute or 2. He read some content and closed it. He continued his internet flow on various websites. He scrolled some newsfeed from Facebook where he saw an ad for the ongoing offer of some e-commerce. With his eyes filled with enthusiasm, he clicked and landed on the website, added lot of items to the cart, and he was all set to proceed to make payment. Suddenly he looked at the bill amount which was 125 USD (roughly 8000 Rs) and he went back to Seruds website where it was mentioned about ‘Donate meals for 30 people’ costing around 1750 Rs (roughly 28 USD). He went into a deep thought.

He asked himself, “Food for needy people can be purchased almost 5 times if I reduce my shopping by 50%”.

He looked around his room and found plenty of unused items he purchased online. It was a guilt moment for him because it could have bought food for needy, education material for children, a shelter for homeless.

He immediately took his card, made an online donation to Seruds.

He joyfully laid back continued scrolling news feed but he has a big smile on his face. He was filled with positivity. He then realized that he has brought happiness to himself by making an online donation.

The True Happiness Lies In The Joy Of Giving….

Let us all buy happiness through online donations and make this world a better place for all…



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